Peace Promotion through Charity


By Arham Faiz

Multan: In order to promote peace and harmony in society, an organization called Saiban Kisan Society (SKS) has been working in many areas in and around Multan to promote peace through safe charity.During the harvest season,when substantial portions of crop yields, religious motivated charity and animal hide donations are made to largely unknown entities by farmers.While talking to News Lens Pakistan, Mr Raheel, representative of Saiban Kisan Society (SKS) said that his organization specially focuses on raising awareness among rural farmers and landlords and train them to be more vigilant while giving out donations.

While quoting how his organization created awareness among people of safe charity, he said that it was a common practice among people from village Mali Shaheed situated in UC Jangle Kalran wala, to donate charities to the outsiders and unknown entities without inquiring. The team from Saiban Kisan Society sensitized the community on safe charity practices to minimize the funding of extremist groups. As a result, the leaders of the area formed a committee and collected the charity during harvesting season and other religious events. Through this arrangement it was made sure that hides and crops are not given to extremist organization. He also told that people from different sects and religions were also on the same page regarding donations and did not support organizations from specific religion or sect.

Mr Raheel also told News lens Pakistan that the local community of that village not only refused to give crops to extremist organizations despite receiving threats but also utilized charities for the development of their village and built a paved road in the area to make commute and trade easier.


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