Peace Promotion through Cricket


By: Amjad Mehdi

Multan:A local NGO, Lodhran Pilot Project (LPP) arranged a cricket tournament, under the name of Women Peace League, to promote religious harmony among young girls through sports. Girls from different back grounds are taking part in the cricket tournaments.

The basic objective of the project was to mobilize female students from four Universities of Multan and Bahawalpur by forming cricket focused women sports societies. These societies had an exclusive participation of girls from different religions.  All the sports woman were trained under the themes of peaceful co-existence, tolerance and other CVE (counter violent extremism) initiatives.

One of the team members, Sadia told, “I had never met someone other than from my own religion. But I’ve observed one thing that they were not different from us”

This league was aimed to break stereotypes among people from different religions. The girls not only played together with people from different faiths but bonded with each other over meals.

Coach of the team Zakarian Strikers says, “This tournament has helped many girls to change their mindset about girls from other faiths, we hope that mind set of many people will be changed as these girls will go back to their homes carrying the message of peace and religious harmony.”This also helped the women breaking stereotypes that they associated with people from other faiths.

The organization also plans to keep spreading the message of harmony, tolerance, acceptance and that of inclusion through such projects so that the society can become tolerant.


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